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T Boutique Hotel Hangzhou is located in the historical and cultural city of Hangzhou, known as paradise.
BoutiqueT Boutique Hotel Hangzhou strong tea. The cultural elements and the warm and elegant Jiangnan atmosphere are fully integrated into the exquisite and exquisite guest rooms. Taihu hairy crabs, a gourmet food that condenses the cultural sentiments of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, embellishes the memory of Jiangnan with Tianlunli Chinese Restaurant; the stylish and elegant lounge bar, and the Thai SPA make the traditional Jiangnan heritage blend with modern freshness and agility, so that 'Delicate Jiangnan' and 'Modern Business' are integrated.
The hotel advocates the theme of 'low carbon'. It not only emphasizes the original ecology in hardware design and decoration, but also emphasizes the green standards of 'low energy consumption' and 'low carbon emissions' in guest consumption. It is willing to bring you a high-quality green journey.
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  • niimo
    Hotel location is very good, service was good, comfortable SPA
  • ffj4395
    Oh well, like, simple style, has a problem with is the air conditioning too hot
  • george_g
    Hotels in supporting good, lounge and SPA, next to the Dragon, participate in the exhibition is very convenient, the room was large, warm decoration, suitable for travelling on business or on holiday
  • jennie628
    Non-standard exquisite hotel, is small but the equipment and decorations to surprise people, hotel restaurants are also very famous, delicious.
  • ares31612534
    Surrounding environment is very good
  • e04012881
    Much better than expected, very satisfied
  • e02163250
  • peteryung
    Could not help but ridicule the hotel circuit and switch control; there is no ups, charge it with electricity went out to play back still not. when charging for a long time just to charge it with electricity and turn off the lights-and hotels furniture, bathrooms are not 'boutique hotel', in a Word, value is not high
  • CM050323
    All right
  • ferraric
    Not very good
  • lee_y
    Design concept is good, but slightly rough, price/performance, traffic
  • emanmantam
    Great hotel
  • Amanda-J
    Very tasteful
  • cao_suai
    I is a word like this hotel! This is I live had 800 around price of domestic hotel row Qian three of, whole decoration of retro style and small Windows outside of green plant, distance of mountain and tree, also has free provides has springs (staff daily to back back of) and various tea, I sat in inside of small sofa looked with window knot full fruit of green plant, somewhat old of vintage Windows, see like of book drink a tea, is life a big enjoy! Most happy wineOffers a coffee bar and free buffet. Location is super nice no not far is the West Lake, the traffic is very convenient, hope that business is getting better no matter how long I live farther to Hangzhou tea! this two days is very good!
  • jj2932
    Directly opposite the huanglong cave, is not a lake but was possible. but otherwise not worth the price. service fine, decorated old. overall fairly comfortable clean. price is not high.
  • leexinlu
    A good environment, very unique, food is also great.
  • seeseablue
    Hardware and service are very good hotel is new or is
  • fanweiwei
    Location is good
  • Betty_cai
    Zen-big love
  • e00264730
    Hotel is very characteristic, also comes with hand massage, but the room mosquito
  • lijianfor
    Is my favorite style, that is, channels a little!
  • e05079565
    So so
  • ada_lulu
    Generally good, but the breakfast was small and expensive.
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim $ $
    Very sensible
  • gyanyunyan
    Good service, food good and convenient.
  • abey0211
    Service is bad, very bad attitude, will never stay at this hotel again in the future
  • catjiafei
    Not opening when good, rooms clean
  • rdndt
    Very clean! breakfast very special! agree with Hangzhou cuisine is too sweet, the most famous of the crabs did not eat, the next time you stay!
  • DJ ball of love
    Interior and environment can also
  • MJvsJJ
    Very good ... very satisfied, lives in a comfortable home. like the décor.
  • e01521070
    Nice love hotel
  • fcbxgf
    Like this style of hotel, quiet, human good!
  • alonsowj
    Hotel rooms also can be, and breakfast was very angry, what? bad mess. breakfast expensive so something let it go, and waiter didn't know anything, and guests also called, really very annoyed about it.
  • bengeng
    That's good
  • oldtree000
    Surrounding environment is very good
  • e00094911
    Hotel entrance is inconspicuous, small Hall of the poor! unreasonable layout of rooms, bathroom shower water very strange! what did worse at 12 o'clock in the evening the sound outside very noisy! probably huanglong Gymnasium in concert! more than 1000 rooms does not serve breakfast! very low! very unpleasant stay! the only good is Tiger spring, Longjing tea leaves good!
  • merry3000
    Hotel convenience! nice with a big tub!
  • eme82
    Not before bathing, I was very satisfied. shower water is small and weak, wash your face to get water for a long time, bathtub stopper is broken, can't bubble bubble, bath towels on the old gray black
  • miserable
    A very good environment. the traffic is very convenient. to choose this hotel next time!
  • bill_law6
    A boutique hotel style is quite small fresh
  • l4332305
    A large space, design style without the business, quite cozy. facade is small, suitable for holiday travel, occupancy of people still know!
  • at123
    Well, the room was new, except the bathroom floor is a bit old
  • Di tune
    The family room was very good the spring tea and fruits a day nice hotel good breakfast way delicious restaurant at hotel's own more convenient transportation cost
  • velbon
    Boutique Hotel, design very thoughts, feel at home, rooms with water and tea ceremony, tea sets and tea of Tiger. good location, just opposite the Dragon Hotel. are in need of improvement, rain water is too small.
  • e00153279
    Very good service very bed sleep comfortable eco-friendly a hotel room without using garbage bags worth promoting
  • ollie
    Clean, nice
  • life_game
    Qian some days with I MOM with to Hangzhou Tourism, wants to selected a away from Lake near some of hotel, compared has half select has family, see front was comments said traffic is convenient, at didn't heart, live in yihou found, traffic really of is too convenient has ~! convenient to what degree does, hotel out 30 meters is bus station, near of attractions basic on no this bus station to can't of car, had was intends to taxi to all attractions of, results here bus too convenientAnd not many people, xixi wetland, Lake, song, soul ~ all cars are so convenient. Then back to say the hotel, hotel occupancy was about 12 points on the day to, ask at the front desk the room ready as soon as we were staying, was very good, encounter all the way people will reach out to greet us, room was spacious, with oversized circular bathtub =v= countless praise Ah, room hygiene is also doneVery clean, every room would send hupao spring, at first I thought spring was a can a day, turned to will be asked this afternoon without Springs, very attentive, room layout, many of the details are very attentive, breakfast wasn't too good, but come back in was great ~ ~ Hangzhou will stay here again.
  • tong16888
    Small clean clear fresh air, good good
  • liuyi2
    Rooms are large, décor simple, clean, nice hotel
  • sayin
    Nice boutique hotel